ABOUT US History


The group - NORECOM – is a Global producer, trading Group and multi active player in Forest and Steel industries which our strengths lie over 65 years’ worth of experience in the industries and initially started from Germany and expanded very fast around the world including Europe, CIS, Far East and MENA countries.


NORECOM has been continuously changing its mode from a classical trading house to a multi active player in forest and steel industry, ensure close knit relationships with suppliers and customers alike, providing world class financial and commercial services by means of investments, joint ventures, share allocations and pure financing of suppliers and customers to help them work with less risk, less working capital and with more confidence.


The Group through its relationship with local steel producers quickly became one of the multi active players with the investments in customers’ facilities and service provider with its well trained and experienced logistics team around the world.


Following the world-wide globalization, Norecom became more active in East Europe, CIS, Middle East and Far-East countries exploiting the advantages of emerging markets in steel production. The group growth is started with sourcing from low cost regions to high growth demand markets.


The company has entered a number of diversification activities in sectors such as Forest Products and Air Conditioning. These initiatives are very well developed and are also being applied to other fields, including mining.  


Norecom’s success comes from “Reliability” which is one of the key drivers of the company growth, in timely execution of the contracts and delivering the commitments to the satisfaction of both suppliers and customers for a smooth & long term relationship.


Powered by an experienced professional teams  spread across 11 locations in the world, managing all parts of the supply chain NORECOM provides steel raw materials, mining products and metals for steel mills and foundries.


Today Norecom primarily keep focusing on the highest global level of service to its suppliers and customers wherever located in the world.